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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Love From Lizi Kit - Christmas Cards

I am finally getting my video up on the cards I made from my November Love From Lizi kit - Yay!  I had so much fun with this kit and had a ton left over to continue making more and more.  I was first interested because of the colors in the kit - they were baby blue which is my favorite color.  But then I noticed all that you get and the unique papers and I was hooked.  So, not only do you end up with a lot of items but it is also a great stash builder - great for those of us who are just starting out in crafting and card making.

Final cards from the kit this time - I have sooooo much left over also!!!
I don't do the "Ten cards one kit" videos but I did end up making lots of cards and could have just kept going and going.  I also don't like to just limit myself to only what is included in the kit when making the cards.  I like to add a few extra items and just make the cards or projects that I feel on my heart or mind at that moment.  I pulled in some extra dies and some extra paper - not because I needed to because the kit wasn't enough, but because I had some color schemes in mind and some looks in mind that I was going for.

Circle card and foiled falling snowflake card
In the end I had some fun little cards that I can't wait to mail out and, like I mentioned, I have a ton of items left over as well as the stamps to use over and over.  I have already received the December kit, which is New Years themed, and I can't wait to begin creating with that as well!

My favorite Holiday color combo - red and baby blue!!!
Spinning snowflake card
Forgive the bits of jumpiness in the video as this was made over a bit of a time period and I was having issues with my hands.  I do hope you enjoyed and got some fun ideas for your projects.  Take a look at the Love from Lizi site for the kits as well as some great videos to inspire you.

See through panel and patchwork quilted card
Dimensional words and dimensional deer

Hope you're enjoying your holidays!  Jude  :-)


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