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My goal is to turn my disabilities around to abilities using art therapy as a means of stroke rehabilitation on my hands & arms. I want to also use cards to spread kindness, show different fun card techniques, bring awareness to issues that are important to me, and to just spread joy in general!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Love From Lizi Kit Cards Two - Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!  First, before we even get into the post or the video, I want to say how grateful I am that you have visited, watched, clicked, commented, encouraged or anything at all since I started with this little art therapy project of "Hey Jude Cards"!  I am so appreciative!  You guys are amazing and wonderful and I can't thank you enough.  I started this as a simple art therapy project to rehabilitate my hands after the strokes and now I am enjoying it so much more and enjoying interacting with all of you.  Thank you for that!  You guys are the best!!!

All eleven final cards from the kit that I made - I had so much left over to use for more things in the future!

On to the kit - this kit was amazing!!!  I loved the colors (or non-colors with black and white) and the gold and all of the fun things included!  As I always say about these kits, they are amazing stash builders.  You not only have what you need to make a ton of cards with the kit the first time you sit down, but you also have a ton left over to use again and again.  I think you guys have seen how I continue to use past kits and various items throughout other videos and other posts - it just always includes great items to have in your craft room!

There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy

Beautiful flower

With this one, as with the other ones, I added a couple of things from my stash to make it "my own".  I don't like to do the ten card/one kit videos as I feel that is something that is already done and there are some great ones out there that you guys can watch.  They are inspiring and they are so much fun to watch.  In those, they try to use only the kit and nothing else - which I appreciate and think is very cool.  But, what I try to do is add the kit to my collection and show how it is a great stash builder and a great base to a fun afternoon of crafting and how it just makes a whole set of fun cards that are similar, but different.

Be Confident - Be Brave - Be Amazing

Always Thinking of You ... You're Amazing

Star Shaker Card

There wasn't really a set theme to this card kit, but it had a New Years Eve vibe which I took as inspiration for some of my cards and a deco vibe which I took as inspiration for some others.  I made a couple of New Years cards as well as a couple of pure uplifting "this is going to be your year" type of cards - you can never have enough of those no matter what time of year it is!  I also made a few that had no sentiments so I can use them for any time or reason at all.  I like having those in my stash in order to give them to someone when they need it and you feel you need to write the words that are best fitting the situation.

Happy New Year

Celebration Card

Today is Full of Possibilities

I made eleven little cards for this video and could have gone on and on.  I have tons left over - which is the point of the kit for me.  I love the major items that are included that are total craft room enhancements (dies, nuvo drops, etc.) and I love the amount of paper, ribbon and embellishments you get as well.  It's an all around win-win in my book!

You're Amazing

This is my favorite card!!!

Be the Reasons Someone Smiles

Hope you enjoyed and I hope that you have a wonderful new year.  I also hope that this is one of your best years ever!  Thank you again for being here and supporting me through my art therapy journey - I could never express to you how much it means to me.  Jude  :-)

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