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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Card Making Magazines - Oh My!!!

Yep - that's right - I found some card making magazines that I absolutely love.  I was so excited!  You see, it's actually been quite hard for me to find some.  There aren't any at Barnes and Noble that I have found nor have I found any at the craft stores (I don't understand)!!!  So, I have definitely been searching!  I did come across Scrapbook and Cards Today online recently and I do love them.  I glanced through the recent issue and it gave me a lot of inspiration and helped me out of a little rut that I was in, which was wonderful!  But I was looking for something that was more like what I do with my Stampin' Up catalogs.  I keep all of those as inspiration and motivation for future, whether they are current or not.  They help a lot in that regard.  So, I guess I wanted something more tangible and that I could save along with those.

The magazines and stamp sets I received

While watching some incredible UK YouTubers using the Papercraft Essentials magazine and the free stamp sets they offered as well as the Creative Stamping magazine and the free stamp sets they offered, I was enthralled!!!  I mean, what?  Magazines AND free stamp sets?!!  I'm in!!!!  But, of course, I couldn't find them anywhere here.  So, instead, I found them on-line at MoreMags.com and I was in Heaven.  Not only could I get the current issue, but I could get the back issues as well - woop woop!!!!  They were well priced and the shipping was reasonable as well.

Creative Stamping Magazine and Papercraft Essentials Magazine

The only issue I experienced is that it took a LONG time to get here!  Bummer!  So, some of the free stamp sets had Holiday type stamps and I will have to save those for next year.  But, a majority of the stamps and dies I can use right now - and, of course, the inspiration is there for always!!!  Love, love, love that part!  I mean, that was what I was after in the first place - the free stuff was just gravy!!!!  So, I am good to go!

I wanted to do this short video and a little post to let you guys know about these in case this is something you were interested in as well.  I think many of us card makers are alike in that, sometimes, we just need some inspiration!  I have put a link below to Scrapbook and Cards Today magazine in case you didn't know about it as well as the Moremags.com site in case you are interested in some of these issues that I received.

Fun stamp sets I got for FREE!!!!

Hope you enjoyed!  Have an awesome day!  Jude  :-)

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