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My goal is to turn my disabilities around to abilities using art therapy as a means of stroke rehabilitation on my hands & arms. I want to also use cards to spread kindness, show different fun card techniques, bring awareness to issues that are important to me, and to just spread joy in general!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week Three - 30 Day Coloring Challenge

I'm sorry I'm a little late on the post - I had a terrible week of pain and didn't leave my room for six days straight (a dark, quiet, temperature controlled room is extremely boring BTW - grrrr!) - but I still managed to get some coloring in.  I am committed to this art therapy bit!!!  So, following are just a few of the items I did for the 30 Day Coloring Challenge this past week.  As I mentioned before, some are harder than others because of the way that I have to hold the pens/pencils/brushes and because of the lines, etc.  It is a challenge sometimes to just stay in the lines!!!  But I am still enjoying it and that is what matters.

Spectrum Noir aqua colored pencils in my Pitbull Coloring Book that I LOVE!!!

Crayola colored pencils in a fall coloring book

Next week is the last week of the official coloring challenge, but I will keep up with the coloring (although probably not every single day) as part of my card making and art therapy for the stroke rehabilitation on my arms.  Every small victory is a big victory in my book.  It means that I am moving from my life of "existing" to actually "living" again.  That is a very important thing to me!

Spectrum Noir aqua colored pencils with a water brush on water color paper

Crayola colored pencils in a special encouraging coloring book one of my daughters got me!

More encouraging words with Crayola colored pencils

Spectrum Noir aqua colored pencils with a water brush on watercolor paper - from my preprinted postcards by Prima

Cheap markers from the grocery store on preprinted postcards I made for my Mom - but also to encourage me!

Have an awesome day!  Jude  :-)

PS  I obviously was into encouraging words this week!!!

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