"Hey Jude ... take a sad song & make it better!" - the Beatles

My goal is to turn my disabilities around to abilities using art therapy as a means of stroke rehabilitation on my hands & arms. I want to also use cards to spread kindness, show different fun card techniques, bring awareness to issues that are important to me, and to just spread joy in general!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

30 Day Coloring Challenge - Week One

Hey!  I'm participating in the 30 Day Daily Marker Coloring Challenge for the first time and it is so much fun!!!  I like fun!  I don't get to have a lot of fun any more so this is my laid back way doing it and it just makes me happy.
Visit www.thedailymarker.com for more information!

So, the challenge is simple - you just color something for 10 minutes a day for 30 days to do something for you.  It's proven that coloring is relaxing and good for you mentally and, as you know, all of this stuff I am doing related to card making is art therapy for me as it entails utilizing my hands and arms and having them "relearn" how to work properly.  It is still difficult for me to do all of these things and I cannot do it for very long each day - but it is still worth it in the end.

I have decided to try to do this on both of my Instagram accounts (I have a Hey Jude Cards IG and a personal Jude U IG as well - they are both linked at the side) - so I am trying to actually do 20 minutes a day, which is a much harder task for me than it would seem!!!  I have attached a few of the items I have colored or painted as well as a link to the challenge page over at The Daily Marker so you can participate too if you are interested!  I promise you won't be disappointed!!

Have an awesome day!  Jude  :-)

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