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My goal is to turn my disabilities around to abilities using art therapy as a means of stroke rehabilitation on my hands & arms. I want to also use cards to spread kindness, show different fun card techniques, bring awareness to issues that are important to me, and to just spread joy in general!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Ellen Hutson - Pretty Things

It's haul time!  I love those words!  This, again, is older, but wanted to get it up in case there might be something you are interested in for your own crafting and card making needs.  Ellen Hutson is an awesome shop that always has fantastic sales and great discounts.  They have a monthly discount of 10% that you can use for every time you shop as well.  Got to love that!  My favorite thing about Ellen Hutson is their Essentials by Ellen stamps and dies that are specifically made for their shop!  They are adorable an unique and just offer a different perspective that you don't find anywhere else and just have these awesome and incredible pretty things!!  They just make me happy!  And, of course, it's all about ME and making me happy!  LOL

Hope you enjoy and hope you had a fantastic week and have an even better weekend!  Jude  :-)
NOTE - I could not get all of the links to connect to the Ellen shop, so the ones that I could not get to connect, I just connected to Simon in case you wanted to just click and go.  But, please just go straight to her shop and look around and do some searching - you will not be disappointed!!!!  :-)

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