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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hearts Afire - Love from Lizi - January Kit

I called this January kit from the Love from Lizi Card Kits "Hearts Afire" because it is full of hearts!  I'm not always inspired by hearts and I had a difficult time with this kit getting inspired to make different and interesting cards.  I love, love, love the papers that came in this kit (as always) and the extra goodies were wonderful (again, as they usually are) and I was most especially pleased with the stamp set and dies that were in this set this time - the red rubber stamp was such high quality I know that I will be able to use it for years to come.  It's just that "hearts" themselves don't inspire me for some reason!  I know, I'm such a silly girl!!!!  😋

January Love from Lizi Kit cards

At any rate, I was still able to come up with ten beautiful cards that I enjoyed making.  Now, remember, I do NOT do the "ten cards/one kit" thing because I feel that there are a lot of wonderful artists out there doing that right now and I don't want the card community to get over-saturated with that theme.  You can do more or less with any kit - and you can add other kits in or other items in - truly just make it your own!  That's what I love about card kits - they are awesome stash builders and help you really to just get started.  They point you in the right direction, give you the right tools and give you some inspiration.  What could be better?

Braided side card - Just for You-Hoo

Paper Piecing Card - Happy Valentines Day

So, with this month's kit, I started with the inspirational papers.  I first wanted to get my card bases so I cut down the white card stock and then added some Simon Says Stamp card stock or Stampin' Up card stock to get some additional card bases as I like to have a variety in my card base colors.  I then like to look through the papers and embellishments and get some ideas going through my heads.  I also don't watch any of the wonderful videos that are up from other craft makers on the particular kit that I am working on until I am finished with the kit (which is so hard for me because I love watching YouTube videos!!!!).  But, I just don't want to do that until I'm finished because I want the ideas floating in my head to get completed before I look at others so I can then just relax and enjoy some awesome videos.  I know that there is nothing new under the sun and we all inspire each other, but I at least want them to be from my heart in that way, you know.  😍

Rugged Plaid Card - With Love

Quilted back card - Always Love You

So after getting the card bases together, I begin the cards.  Sometimes I do cards one by one and sometimes I do background groups - it just depends on how I am feeling.  This card grouping was all over the place so rather than explain it one by one I will explain it more in groups to make it easier.  The one that required the most detail is the braided card, so I will include all that information now.   It was so simple to do but made an awesome little look that seems more difficult - I like that!  It seems as if the card is braided down the side - fun!

Masculine Metal Card - Hearts Afire

Heart Starburst

You need to mark the folded line at about 1.2 inch up on both sides and the every 5/8 inches place a mark.  Then at about a 45 degree angle make a 1 inch mark, then a 1.5 inch mark.  Cut those marks.  Fold down the bottom piece and snip it off in a straight line (you will need to save this piece).  Now, open the card and every other inverted V should be folded down and tucked under the one below it - this creates a braided look.  At the top of the braid you should use the piece you saved and attach it to the top of the card in the inverted V and tuck it under as well.  Once you fold the card back over you will have a nice braid on the card.  I loved how this turned out and I saw it a very long time ago from one of my favorite Stampin' Up Demonstrators, Brandi Cox (her information will be below).  Fun, fun, fun!

Heart Dress

Wreath of Love

For another background I used my plaid stamps from Stampin' Up.  I didn't want the look to be perfect (I could use plaid paper for that - and I did for another card) - so instead I stamped it with various colors of red and orange to create a rugged look.  I really liked how that card turned out in the end.

Kisses Tag Card

On another background I used a mini stencil from Heidi Swapp and some Nuvo Tonic mousse in a silver platinum color.  I love how easy these are to use and how fast drying they are.  I was looking to go for a more masculine type card on this one so I wanted some different types of metal looks.  Once the mousse dried, I then added a brushed copper frame on some brown card stock that I distressed with the Tonic edge distresser.  I love that look!  I put all of this on top of the burlap paper and then added a wood heart and it turned into such a rugged and masculine card - Love!!!

Quilted Plaid Card

On yet another card, I scored a piece of red card stock at every 1/2 inch both horizontally and vertically.  Can I tell you a secret?  This was super relaxing!  I think when I am stressed I need to just sit with my score tool and just score paper!  Ha ha!   I then folded those lines over and creased them with my bone tool and subsequently ran the included metallic ink over the lines to come up with a quilted fabric look.  And, once you place it on the paper with foam tape it truly looks quilt like!!!  I used the heart gems at some of the cross hatch marks to give added dimension - yet another look I just love!

Again, I just had some ideas floating around in my head and wanted to try a few out.  I was inspired by these papers so much and used them for a couple of cards as the main focus as well.  I utilized the stamp set in a couple of cards as the main focus; I used the heart dies in a lot of the cards; and, I used the tags and the extra goodies for other card embellishments as well.  All in all this was a great card kit - as always.  I am extremely pleased with the stamp set that came with it as well and I always love that it builds up my Nuvo stash as well as my stash of classy and beautiful papers.  This is definitely one of my favorite card kits for sure!  Not to mention that, when you are dealing with a classy and kind woman through and through as Lizi is, it just makes the transaction and the dealings seem all that much better.

Hope you enjoy and have an awesome day!  I will be back this week with some Valentines videos and a couple of baby cards (have some friends who needed some baby gifts - yay!).  And, of course back next week with the Doggy/Rescue series and the 1 Stamp/3 Cards Series.  Excited to see you - hope you are excited to join me!  Jude  :-)

PS  I'm thinking of starting a Stroke/Stroke Survivor series once a month as well - what are your thoughts on this?????

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