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My goal is to turn my disabilities around to abilities using art therapy as a means of stroke rehabilitation on my hands & arms. I want to also use cards to spread kindness, show different fun card techniques, bring awareness to issues that are important to me, and to just spread joy in general!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Unity Stamp Co. Haul

I have a small little haul for a stamp company called Unity Stamp Co.  They were new to me and I was very excited about all of their cute stamps!  I came across them during a big sale (Yay Me!!!) and I loved so many of the stamps that they had, it was just so hard to limit myself.  I'm usually a clear mounted stamp girl, but I do like the red rubber stamps as well - especially the ones I received from them.  As I mentioned, these are the red rubber stamps and are extremely high quality.  I so love what they say, I love all types of girls represented, and I even love the little "cheeky" ones in the "after dark" section (18 and over!!!!).  Sometimes those are the most fun cards to receive - a little laugh in the mail!

Here is a link to the company (again, I'm still working on my individual links and things - thanks so much for your patience).  Enjoy the video and have an awesome day!

Jude :-)

Unity Stamp Co - https://www.unitystampco.com/

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