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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Kindness Matters - featuring Hero Arts

One thing that I have always loved about giving cards (even before I was making them) is that it is an expression of kindness.  You are taking time out of your life and thinking of the person, then thinking of kind words to express, then sending the card or delivering the card.  I feel it is a very "giving" type of hobby and it is something that has always made me happy.  Now that I am disabled and cannot do other types of activities that I once did and spend time with people the way that I once did, I really love to send the cards even more to show that these individuals still affect my life and still are on my mind.  Now that I am making handmade cards as part of my physical therapy for stroke recovery, I feel it is even more of an expression of kindness because it is one of the only things that I can actually do physically right now and it is my way of spreading a smile or a hug.

Recently, the wonderful Jennifer McGuire encouraged us all to step out of our comfort zone and "share handmade kindness" as a simple act of making someone smile or encouraging them.  She mentioned maybe doing something you haven't done before so I decided that I would really step out of my comfort zone and hand deliver some of the cards that I made.  For me, this is a huge deal as I rarely leave my house due to pain and other issues I have resulting from the strokes.  Additionally, although it is better now, my talking is something that is hard to deal with when I am uncomfortable or with other people.  So, this was a big step.

I first made the homemade cards using the awesome Hero Arts set that they made in collaboration with Jennifer McGuire that included so many perfect sayings for random acts of kindness, personal encouragement, uplifting messages and more.  I made some backgrounds using Simon Says Stamp white card stock and all the various colors of Nuvo Embellishment mousse that I had.  I just love the texture as well as the shimmer and shine that they create.  I made some simple cards - but the task of delivering them was not going to be simple for me.  I'll be honest, I was scared.

I decided to deliver them to the neighbors around my house as that was within my walking distance for my disabilities, and people that I wanted to share kindness with because we are neighbors.  I am acquainted with some of them as in "hi, how are you" and a wave - but I have never sat and talked to any of them for any length of time, except our next door neighbor - and even then, that had been over a year ago.

I started on my little treck with my cards in hand, not knowing what to expect, and I can honestly say that I received so much kindness in return that it totally touched my heart.  Additionally, getting out of the house was difficult but amazing.  I learned so much about my neighbors and I feel that maybe I touched their lives for just a brief moment and shared some kindness.  That is the thing about sharing kindness - it is good for their soul, but it is also good for your soul.

I've always been the girl who gives cards and I am now the girl who makes and gives cards as part of my stroke recovery - but, because of this experience, I am now also encouraged to move out of my comfort zone and my disabilities.  This was just what I needed - and I wasn't starting by doing something for myself - I was just following the charge that Jennifer McGuire laid forth and sharing a little kindness in places that I normally wouldn't have gone.

This may seem so simple to some, but for me this was a huge deal.  And, honestly, for the recipients, it might have been the joy that they needed that day and a big deal to them as well.  I hope that this little story encourages all of you and that you can do the same in your neck of the woods.  Those small acts of kindness can make a huge difference in someones life - and, in turn, make a difference in yours.

Jude  :-)

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